There are plenty of ways to get to a campsite.

Without your own motor

Naturally, it is more eco-friendly to choose a means of transportation that does not include a motor such as by bike, walking, canoe or kayak. Some campers choose to use public transportation. This is of course more inconvenient the more luggage you are bringing and the distance from the station / bus stop to the camp site.

With a motor

If you own a camper van, a camplet or auto camper you are dependent on the force of a motor. Most campers go by car. But there are still many things you can do to make a difference. Did you know that some hybrids are capable of pulling a camping trailer?

Driving at an even speed around 90-100 km/h and avoiding sudden breaks and increases in speed can save the environment a lot of strain and yourself money on fuel. Additional wind resistance caused by additional accessories attached to the car will add to the fuel - and environmental bill.

Flights are known to have the biggest strain on the environment of all means of transportation, but it can become necessary to choose to go by one. But also here, there are greener choices such as choices a flight carrier with an environmental focus that are making greener choices in terms of fleet, fuel and flight procedures.

Bring a bike

Biking is more than just pure fun and good for your health – it is also great for the environment. Going by bike gives you completely different experiences than going by car. In some instances, it is even faster going by bike than by car and it is much easier to find a parking spot. Furthermore, it is much easier to explore an area in-depth by bike than by car and all the money you save on fuel and some places on parking, you can put aside to other fun activities.

If your destination is too far away or if the weather is bad, you can choose public transportation and leave your car or autocamper at the campsite.