Camping is a key player in Danish Tourism. Denmark is known as a great place to cam with a wide variety of campsites in, where the natural surroundings also vary a lot.

The campsites profits from selling the beautiful Danish nature and Denmark is known for being a green destination, which the Danish government and Tourism organizations wish to utilize as a selling point for visiting Denmark.

It is therefore natural to combine these two themes to accelerate sustainable development and at the same time attract tourists, who appreciate sustainability as well as the Danish nature.


The very first campsites to be certified Green Key already took place back in 2000 and the number of members has for long time been 6 awarded campsites. 


A study was made of campsites, campers and organizations with relation to camping, which shows that Green Key for campsites did not meet the needs of the campsites. Neither, was Green Key able to express the message of the campsites or the campers. The criteria had to be altered, the name and the logo all had to be altered in order to be able to rightfully communicating and appeal to this particular group of the tourism industry.

This is why, Green Key Denmark decided to rethink this particular category under the more appropriate name: Green Camping. With this new scheme, the label has become more inviting as less of an administratively burden for the campsites to achieve and adhere. There are also various ready to use communication material for the campsites to use as part of Green Camping.    

Green Camping is now a Sub-brand of Green Key.