A Green Camping member is subject to control both before and after being awarded the label in order to secure that the campsite lives up to the commitments and criteria that the label represents.

Green Camping has a whole list of procedures in place to secure that each member upholds its commitments as well as a development of their environmental efforts. Those are:

  • The application process
  • Approval by a jury
  • Continuous monitoring visits
  • Continuous documentation and prove of efforts

Application process

To be awarded Green Camping the applicant has to submit an application with relevant documentation. Hereafter, the campsite will be visited by a Green Camping Consultant to assist and secure that the criteria are met and the needed documentation is in place or can be produced.

Approval by Jury

When all the criteria have been fulfilled and the documentation is in place, the application is submitted to a jury for approval. If the jury approved the application the campsite is hereby awarded Green Camping.

Visits by a consultant

At the initial meeting with the consultant the application form is filled out as well as environmental procedures, goals, waste plan, environmental activities and information material is produced and tailored to the applicant campsite.

All Green Camping sites are subject to control visits before they can be awarded Green Camping. After a year, they will receive a follow up visit. Here on after, the campsite is visited every second or every third year, in order to secure that the criteria are upheld and to provide the personnel with advice and tips on how to progress their environmental work.

Monitoring visits are performed by consultants with in-depth knowledge of the label as well as its environmental requirements. The role of the consultant is dual and both that of a control agent but also that of an advisor for the labelled organizations and sites.

The costs of the monitoring visits are covered by Green Camping, while further advisory needs, investments etc. are covered by the camp site. 

Continuous stream of documentation and prove of compliance

Beside the continuous monitoring visits the campsite is every year subject to submitting documentation of compliance with selected criteria as well as how the campsite is improving their environmental efforts.

The labelled of Green Camping can be withdrawn at any time, if the criteria is not complied with.