You don’t need to go all the way to the south of Italy or Croatia with your camper van to have a great vacation. Luckily, many campers are aware of the fact that Denmark is a great place to camp. More and more Danes are starting to notice the fact that Denmark is a great place to spend their vacation in and an added bonus is the fact that it is closer to home. A growing number of Danes also want their vacation to be environmentally – and climate friendly.

Beside the fact that it is better for the environment is also saves a many hours on the busy freeways, roadwork, traffic congestions with kids in the back seat.

Much more than #JustDenmark

Danish tourism has in the summer of 2020 initiated a campaign called “Meget mere end Bare Danmark” (read: much more than just Denmark) to incentivice the Danes to spend their vacation in Denmark – and enjoy it.

Denmark has many of the things we love – beautiful nature, exciting culture, wild activities, entertaining attractions and world class highlights. Lastly, hygge with your friends, family or loved one is not to be forgotten. Denmark has it all – the difficult choice is simply where to go. Plan your next trip here: