Considering both the environment as well as your own experience it could be a great idea to explore the things close by and local.

Enjoy the local things

Chose the small, local restaurant instead of the bigger chain-based restaurants. Try getting your daily groceries at the nearby farmers market with local specialties instead of the standardized supermarket. Find your souvenirs at the small shop down the road. It is small changes in your daily vacation-routine that can make a difference.

This way you will explore and experience regional delicacies that you might not have heard of before and get tips from the locals on where you mind find a hand-made treasures to your friends and family or own collection. Choose an eco-friendly approach to your daytrips and take a walk with a local guide – who may very well know the area and at the same time you support the local area economically.

Enjoy the things close to you

Instead of crossing the country in the search for experiences, try to take a look around and see what you may find around the corner. Very often, you may find unique experiences both cultural, environmental and personal very close to where you are. Talk to the local fisherman, visit the local market and taste, smell and take in what is there. When you are more mindful about what is around you, you will get a much stronger experience.