Before departure we advise you to follow these recommendations:

  1. Pack light
  2. Pack smart
  3. Close down at home

Pack Light

Before you depart on your next vacation you must finish up the packing. When it comes to packing – less is more! Only bring what you really need on your trip. This will reduce the fuel consumption from your car or auto camper getting from A to B.

Pack Smart

Your packing can also include more environmentally friendly alternatives, that can save both space and weight. Toiletries and other cleaning articles can be refilled at home from you regular sized items, thus saving yourself from buying new travel size items for every trip. They are also more expensive than regular sized items.

Try to avoid single use items such as plates and utensils and bring along items that can be reused. Often it is also a much nicer experience to dine from a regular plate you don’t cut through or break half of your forks before you are able to take the first bite of your grilled steak. Also, the coffee is most likely nicer to enjoy from a regular mug that a plastic cup, where you burn your fingers.

Close down at home

Before you leave for your next adventure it is a good idea to check your home and turn off all electrical appliances that are on standby. They can consume a lot of electricity while you are gone and not using them.

At the same time there is no need for heat up the house, while your gone, so make sure to turn them off as well.

Remember to go through all the water installations and toilets. A leaking toilet can use a lot of water, which can be very expensive.