Green Camping is awarding campsites that takes extraordinary measures to run an environmentally friendly campsite that takes care of the environment and is able to document this effort.


To be awarded Green Camping is a mandatory to live up to a wide selection of criteria listed themes below

  • Mandatory criteria have to be fulfilled and in place before the campsite is awarded Green Camping
  • Point criteria, which has the value of 1 to 5 points each, depending on specific criteria

All mandatory criteria as well as a minimum of 30% of the point criteria has to be fulfilled in order to be the label of Green Camping. The set of criteria as well as the application form can be found here on the site.

Criteria in Danish...

If you are interested in applying for the Green Camping label, you are more than welcome to contact the secretariat at HORESTA who will be happy to assist with the application. See bellow