Camping can be a very climate friendly way to spend a vacation. However, it differs greatly on how climate friendly the particular vacation is, but a growing number of campsites focus on reducing their environmental impact.

 Choose Environmentally Certified Campsites such as Green Camping

On this website you can find campsites in Denmark that are certified Green Camping by Green Key. This is also the label you can look for or ask about in your search. This can prove very helpful in showing the demand for green campsites.

Outside of Denmark there are campsites labelled with the EU Flower, but this labelled has not been granted to any of the Danish campsites. 

If the campsite has not been granted any environmental certification then you can still ask about their environmental efforts. You can also get a good idea about those efforts from their website. However, the more people that ask about these topics the more campsites with recognize the demand and follow this path.

Choosing Campsites abroad

Are you searching for an eco-friendly campsite outside of Denmark you can start by looking at those with the international environmental label, Green Key. Here you can find a campsite or “holiday centers” under the same category.  

One the website you will find approximately 200 campsites all with the Ecocamping Award.