Denmark now has a more targeted eco-label for campsites.

It is of course called:

where both name and logo make sense for Danish and foreign tourists.


GREEN CAMPING is a Sub-brand or in Danish belonging to Green Key, which ensures that requirements, expressions and content are better suited to campsites and campers.

Close to the campsites and campers

GREEN CAMPING is close to the industry and is easy to go to, market and understand for the guests and to involve the campsites and their organizations.

Therefore, the criteria are adapted to the campsites and both the name and logo appeal to this group.

Credible scheme ...

For HORESTA and Danish Outdoor Council, it is important that it is a credible scheme, and therefore it is based on a recognized concept such as Green Key, where there are strict criteria, a credible application and control process and where applicants are processed and approved by a Jury.

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Experience a green spot

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