Gudenåen Camping Silkeborg

Gudenåens Camping Silkeborg is located in the middle of nature with quiet forests and the stream close by. The campsite is in walking distance from the city center, which is rich with cozy cafes, restaurants and shopping possibilities.

When you walk towards the city center, you will walk past a small harbor with a restaurant, an ice cream stand, the Asger Jorn Museum, minigolf and a playground – locals go there to feed the ducks and eat ice cream.

On our campsite, you will find a kiosk, where you can buy rolls in the morning, coffee, ice cream, candy, and other things you might need when camping. For the children, we have a playground and bouncy “castles”. Other activities include table tennis, basketball net, barbecue area, a quiet TV-room for the rainy days and an outdoor kitchen for the summer nights.

It is also possible to rent canoes and take a trip into the city center or sail on the small lakes and the stream in the area.


Søhøjlandet is a paradis for all nature lovers. This hilly landscape with forests and deep blue lakes offer a vast number of experiences for everyone who enjoys the outdoors. Here you will find the Lakes of Silkeborg (Silkeborg Søerne), that offer beautyful hiking routs along the lakes as well as the opportunity to sail on an old steam boat - Hjejlen or in a canoe. If you wish to go up high in the sky, then you should go visit HImmelbjerget with its impressive view over the area of Søhøjlandet.

Søhøjlandet also offer cultural, historic as well as shopping opportunities if you decide to visit the city of Silkeborg. Here you are able to combine your experiences in the hilly landscape out in nature with the area's history from the ice age to the present and experience the Tollund Man - a well preserved body from the Iron Age found in a swamp in Søhøjlandet.